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Employer Benefit Advisors benefits can help you overcome some of the common obstacles to home ownership - whether you are a first-time home buyer or experienced home buyer.

We provide you with a network of service partners, who are on your side, teaming with you to help achieve the dream of home ownership.  There are no fees for you to take advantage of these services.  You have access to help that can transform a daunting experience into one that is easy to understand and navigate with confidence.

Employer Benefit Advisors has negotiated with real estate professionals, including its own real estate agents, lenders, home inspection firms and other vendor providers to reduce the cost of their services and help you save on closing costs!

Using Employer Benefit Advisors benefits, their real estate agents will credit 15% of their commission * back to your closing costs, lenders will credit 20% of their processing fees to your closing costs, inspection companies offer savings off their fees, along with the added financial benefit from your employer.

Example of $350,000 Home Purchase:

Items Standard Cost EBA Concession Savings
Savings for Buyer
Lender .5% of loan amount $1,575 $1,575
Home Inspection Fee $375 $25 $25
Credit to Buyer
Buyer’s Real Estate Broker Commission 15% Credit on Gross Commission (3% - Paid by Seller) $10,500 $1,575 $1,575
Total Buyer Savings/Credit $3,175

**Does not Include Employer Contribution

*Commission earned and fees charged vary depending on transaction.

Other customary buyer's closing costs may include loan origination fee, underwriting fee, other lender fees, document fee, funding fee, flood certification, hazard insurance, escrow fees, title insurance and recording fees.

These figures are for illustration purposes only.  Actual settlement costs will vary for each transaction.  Network Vendor Partners may be added or removed or may change their contributions at any time.

*Note: The real estate agent commission credit is available to the extent allowed by your lender and is capped at $7,500.  Please make sure your lender and escrow agent are aware of the commission credit in order to credit it to you properly.

Be sure to verify that your real estate agent, lender and home inspection firm are part of the Employer Benefit Advisors network and provide them with your proof of program eligibility - Letter of Authorization.

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