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Finding an Agent

Whatever your reasons for buying, know that finding the right home, in the perfect neighborhood and at a cost that is within your budget is no small task.  That's why many buyers enlist the help of a full-service Windermere Professionals agent.  There are many benefits you receive from working with a licensed professional with specialized skills.  In addition, don't forget the Employer Benefit Advisors Member Company Benefit.

How Much Home Can You Afford

It is always best to find out how much house you can afford before you go house-hunting.  Click here to contact an Employer Benefit Advisors Program Lender who can assist you with determining how much of a down payment you can afford, along with a monthly payment you can handle.

Separate essentials from the items you could do without and put them on the "A" list.  Prioritize the rest of the items into a second and third list in order to importance.  We'll then go over the lists so that we are very clear on what you want and need in your home.

Keep good notes as you look at homes.  After a while, it become difficult to remember which features belong to which home.  We can provide you with a form and rating system to help you compare homes.

When selecting a home, look beyond cosmetics.  Make sure the home is in good physical condition and that you understand the cost of repairs.  For more information on how to assess the home's condition, refer to Home Inspections.

Look at additional homes, even if you love the first one you see.  Many times, it takes looking at several homes before you find the one that is really right for you.

Home agents are using a calculator to calculate the loan period each month for the customer.

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