Frequently Asked Questions


Is this a first-time homebuyer program?

No, you do not have to be a first-time homebuyer.  It is available to any employee of a member company.


Can I use these programs to purchase outside of the Treasure Valley Area?

Yes, there are some conditions and restrictions that may apply.  Contact the Employer Benefit Advisors office for more information and details.


Does the EBA home buying benefit apply to mobile homes?

Yes.  There are some restrictions that may apply from the lender.  However, the contribution from the real estate agent and other participating program partners remain the same.


What programs are available to employees of Employer Benefit Advisors Program members?

Employees of Employer Benefit Advisors participating member employers are eligible for the following savings:

♦  Closing cost contributions from the real estate agent for home purchases

♦  Closing cost contributions from the lender for home purchases

♦  Discounts offered by participating program vendors for services needed in the home buying or selling process - contact Employer Benefit Advisors for more information on these savings.


Do I have to use all of the Network Service Provides to take advantage of the program?

No, (example: I am using a real estate agent participating in this program, but not a lender) you may use any or all of the contributions available to you.  Each contribution is independent of the other.  Each participating vendor member is offered a significant savings/benefit for employees who wish to participate in this program which may or may not be available with other vendors/providers outside of the EBA program.  The savings come directly FROM the Network Service Providers.


What if I am buying the home with someone who is not an employee of Employer Benefit Advisors Program company?

Only one of the employees purchasing the home has to be an employee of an Employer Benefit Advisors Program Member company.  However, the home does have to be the primary residence for that employee.


How do I take advantage of the benefit?

If you are an employee of an Employer Benefit Advisors Program Member company and you wish to take advantage of this benefit, you will need a letter of authorization from the EBA Program Provider.  Click on the link below to obtain your letter.


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